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We’ve Grown Apart: A “Dear John” letter to my CV

broken-hearted CV“Dear CV,

We’ve been through alot together. I remember when we began, I had so little to give you, you barely reached a page. I remember when you changed your paper color, your font size (we all made mistakes in the early 90’s). Good times, good times.

I know, I know, I’ve often been very selfish. I only really opened you up in Microsoft Word when I need something, like a new job. If I had it all to do over, this time I’d revise you a whole lot more. But there’s no point in looking back now. Our time has come to an end. It’s not you, it’s me. I’ve found someone else…”

I’ve broken it off with my CV. My LinkedIn profile gives me things it can’t. Specifically, recommendations from real people I’ve worked with who just happen to me members of my personal network. I’m sorry to say it, but detailed recommendations beat a line a line at the end of my CV that says “References available upon request”, no matter what font you use. When someone from HR is reading my resume what do you think will impress them more, the promise of references to come or actual quotes from people I’ve worked with, for or near.

What’s more, I can’t even remember the last time some one asked for an old-fashioned reference. Constrast that with my LinkedIn profile where my recommendations are there in plain sight and are backed up by profiles of their own. I’m sure with a bunch of headshots and plenty of time I could create fake profiles to sing my praises, but the same applies to references (I can do a great British accent, I sound like Queen Elizabeth). The point is recommendations work better.

Sure, I’ll still attach a PDF of my CV for the time being, but we will both know it’s a sham. The URL for my LinkedIn profile will be right there in my cover letter. It just says more about who I am and who I’ve been.

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