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Goodbye, Tuenti. Hello, King.

IMG_0383-0.JPGToday, after three years of adventures at Plaça Catalunya 1, two offices in Madrid and, of course, the “bar car” on the AVE, it’s time to say goodbye to Tuenti and hello to my new team at King Digital, makers of amazing games like Candy Crush Soda Saga, here in Barcelona.

Although it’s been years since I worked in the education space in years, I’m still fascinated by how we learn. In many ways, creating and sharing knowledge are the most human activities and are consistently my biggest motivators. When it comes to learning and teaching, my time at Tuenti was abundant. I leave smarter, faster and more inspired than I was that first day in November 2011. I could never list everyone and everything I picked up there, but I’ve done my best at the end of this post. But the truth is, I got the most important lesson my first day, probably because it’s what makes Tuenti “Tuenti”: smart, passionate people with big goals can do amazing things.

Now, it’s time to learn new things, and my new role as UX & Product Director for CRM will provide a tough but rewarding classroom. Helping players discover all of King’s amazing games while creating a fun, emotionally rewarding experience is exactly the kind of problem I love and can’t wait to work on. From what I’ve seen so far, I’m joining another team packed with sharp, fun people who love what they do and embrace the tough but rewarding path.

This is an incomplete list of all the people at Tuenti who were nice enough to teach me something. Thanks to you all, even if I forgot to list you!

Ana E.
Jose del Corral
Dani Mota
Miguel R.
Adrian C
Adrian M
Ana N.
Pedro M.
Sara L.

Must-read design, UX and IxD books

ImageWe just got this year’s reading budget approved. It’s time for a #webdesign #UX #IxD book shopping spree! Which must-reads should we buy?

Please share your recommendations in the comments below.


Interaction tips for sliding carousels

George Thomas recently asked the User Experience Professional Network about best practices for sliding content galleries (he calls them “rotators”). I love these kind of interaction questions, so I thought I’d share my response:

Hi, George! In my experience:

  1. The sweet spot for rotating content is near 3 seconds.
  2. Don’t forget the transition time (fade in, fade out). I’ve found slightly longer transitions work better.
  3. Finally, make sure to properly interpret user interaction near or in the rotating space (clicks and mouseovers). Text and images that move while I’m trying to process them just plain suck.

While we’re on the subject, sliding content galleries or “rotators” are fine provided users can access the full content somewhere else. A link to the full content located below the “rotators” space does nicely.Cheers,

Case Study: How (not) to use Twitter to help your users

Erasmo Lopez, co-worker and friend, and I decided to storify my twitter conversation with @bicing, Barcelona’s shared-bike service’s Twitter presence, into a Stof. It’s a great example of how helping your users through Twitter is a great idea but requires a clear plan on how empathize and respond to users. Just “being there” is not enough.

(this is the Spanish version. The English version is coming soon…)

Kirsten Winkler interviews Christopher Grant (me!) about Sclipo

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of speaking with well-know educational blogger Kirsten Winkler as a part of her Edukwest series on online education. Our conversation covered a wide-range of subjects, from Sclipo‘s origens as a skills video portal to its current position as the leading social learning network on the web, delivering a complete toolbox for online teachers. Enjoy the video!

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